LSUK Environmental sustainability policy


Language Services UK Limited (Hereafter referred to as: LSUK) is fully committed to comply and follow The Environment Act 2021, which is the primary piece of legislation in Great Britain, which allows the UK to enshrine better environmental protection into law. It provides the Government with powers to set new binding targets, including for air quality, water, biodiversity, and waste reduction.

Language Services UK Limited (Here after refered as: LSUK) is committed to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner and is compliant to the Envioroment 2021. LSUK aims to take meaningful measures and seek expert advice to fulfil its environmental responsibilities.

LSUK fully recognise the implications of our operations for the natural environment and our responsibilities towards protection of that environment.

LSUK will always seek to promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources to minimize environmental pollution in all our business operations.

LSUK will conduct business operations to reflect best environmental practice management to meet and exceed the requirements of this policy statement.

In particular, LSUK will:
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulation and other requirements;
  • Review our activities and operations to identify environmental aspects and prioritise action to address the impacts of these;
  • Raise awareness of the environment amongst our employees and those working on our behalf through specific training, performance information and publication of this policy;
  • Ensure that goods and services support our environmental and sustainability policy and that our suppliers are encouraged to improve their own environmental;
  • Undertake regular reviews of the management system to assess its robustness and ensure its continuing fitness of purpose.

This policy will contribute to reductions in global warming, wastage of the earth’s resources, the destruction of the earth’s protective ozone layer and will help improve the ecology.

LSUK will review all appropriate activities to meet the objectives of this policy and to develop further policies to support this commitment and improve its environmental performance.

This policy is made in fulfilment of The Envioronment Act 2021 and any other relevant legislations and regulations