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The Need for Language Services in the UK
(LSUK Limited- May 2016)
2015 saw over 615k people immigrating to the UK and this number is already exceeded in 2016. Immigration from across the globe has resulted in over 100 different languages being spoken across the country. The mixing of cultures is vastly enriching and it has undoubtedly increased the UK’s standpoint as a large global economic player however a fusion of ethnicities can be fruitless when communication becomes a barrier. Language Services UK is a support service, which elevates difficulties and enhances international relationships.

Processes through the public sector can be a particularly daunting experience for UK immigrants. As a body, which exists to hep all those residing in the UK, the difficulty of language barriers can make regulatory procedures somewhat intimidating.As the UK expands across the globe and the country embraces even more cultures than ever, it is becoming essential to remove communicative barriers. With potential for expansion the ability to communicate effectively has become increasingly poignant and the team at Language Services UK is proud with the mission to aid in this process.

Similarly, clear communication within the health sector is essential. Dialogue between a patient and their physician is vital to ensure that treatment is delivered correctly and efficiently.

As global outreach increases across the UK, international e-commerce has become more and more appealing. The desire to break down boundaries and tap into new markets is an enticing opportunity for aspiring businesses. Whilst the world is keen to connect, the legality of international business bares logistical complexities, not helped with difficult language barriers. In such an intricate process, clear and concise communication is essential, combined with the utmost professionalism.

Language Services UK, a Bristol based organisation operates as a professional Interpreting Services in South West of England and South Wales (Bristol, Gloucester , Swindon, Bath, Taunton, Weston Super Mare, Chippenham, Cheltenham, Somerset, Plymouth, Exeter, Newport, Cardiff, Swansea and other neighbouring areas). We will present highly skilled professional interpreter and Certified Translator each time you would require to speak to a non-english speaker. Our language services providers are equipped with appropriet qualification to meet your expectations. We understand the daily frustration of such a significant communication barrier. Our aim is to ensure to consistently deliver high standard service.We can provide interpreter for court proceedings, police interviews or immigration tribunals. Our service is both an essential and highly beneficial factor to both parties. Our involvement ensures a smooth and relaxed process for all participants and our acute professionalism ensures that interpreters remain impartial throughout each procedure. We meet the expectations of our clients whether they need a professional Legal Interpreter or Court Interpreter.

At Language Services UK, our experts are not only well versed in their practised language but have the business knowledge to ensure transparency across the spectrum. From aiding in meetings and conferences, to translating information for a product launch, the work of a professional translator is paramount to conveying the ethos and attitude of your brand, to clients across the globe. We understand the importance of business meetings / conferances and will ensure that a suitably qualified professional Technical Interpreter will meet the expectations of our clients. In addition, Our Interpreter(s) ensure that compassion and thought is given to the patient through their translation. With a mission to break down barriers, we take pride in nurturing crucial relationships for positive results and to make sure that every person can access the treatment they are entitled to. We meet the expectations of our clients whether they need a professional Medical Interpreter

Language Services UK take into consideration all existing barriers and so our team also consists of skilled sign language interpretes. Our BSL Interpreter (s) are skilled to deliver the professional interrpeting service through sign language to bridge the communication gaps between our clietns and their service users.


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