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Our Mission

2. The Key to Connectivity

"Translators are the shadow heroes of literature, the often forgotten instruments that make it possible for different cultures to talk to one another, who have enabled us to understand that we all, from every part of the world, live in one world.” Paul Auster, is an American writer whose observations on translation succinctly sum up the power of this precious tool. A translator’s role is comparable to a ‘best supporting actor’, not the focal point in the film but so essential that without them, the whole story would not come together. The team at Language Services UK can be described as nothing over than the unsung heroes of the business world and their benefits are limitless. Translation is becoming the most essential business partner and most importantly the key to connectivity. LSUK offers translation and interpretation services in a range of professional industries and is becoming the most vital tool in breaking into new markets.
Translation goes far beyond taking words from one world to another. In an age where the internet is so accessible and appears so reliable, it is tempting to use an easy option but this can undoubtedly damage relationships rather than build them. It is clear that “in seeking to transport words (and sentences and texts) from one language to another, the translator cannot merely search for equivalent words in the target language to render the meaning of the source.” The role of a translator and interpreter is therefore to embed themselves in a relationship and truly understand the message that is being conveyed. A computer cannot detect emotion, show compassion or select words carefully for each scenario and taking a technological approach can simply bring down relationships rather than build them. The team at LSUK are trained in being professional and impartial whilst still remaining personable and friendly. We operate in the legal sector, health care sector and with social services thus our approach for both our clients and their customers is detailed yet sensitive.
Furthermore, the modern day perspective often assumes that the English language has enveloped the world and that the power of translations is diminishing along with its need. However, as more people make an effort to learn the world’s leading language, those that work to communicate in their hosts mother tongue stand out as the front running business men and women. The ability to merge into someone else’s world instead of expecting them to work into your own is a powerful offering which should not be overlooked. It shows kindness, professionalism and highlights a certain ignorance by competitors. Translation and interpretation boils down to important client care. A great deal of value is commonly placed on entertaining clients to win them over however, to stay ahead, businesses should begin turning their attention to the much less superficial and far more genuine option to understand, appreciate and respect other cultures.
Language Service UK therefore operate in a way that provides its clients with a unique edge. Unlocking the ability to access modern professionalism, interpretation and translation is undoubtedly the new age necessity for success.
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