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Our Mission

3. In Conversation with the Founder

Language Services UK is a young and thriving organisation with a mission to help people from across the world feel comfortable using all services available to them. With an intense drive to make a difference, the group founder is proud to be expanding his outreach and making a difference beyond his initial intentions.
Q: When did you notice a need for Language Services
A: I’d always had a keen interest in translation and interpretation. I was initially self-taught and began as a part-time freelancer, taking on roles as a hobby. During this period, I realised just how diverse the UK was and whilst I was lucky enough to be fluent in a number of languages, several people did not have this same luxury, in fact, many faced difficulties with just the English language.
Q: What motivated you to set up LSUK?
A: I studied during a time when the world was facing the worst hit recession and difficult times taught me that we could either fall or use our strengths to create positivity. I recognized that what seemed like a frivolous past time was actually beneficial to the people around me and helpful across the globe. In times when everyone seemed to be struggling, the way to move out of this period was to work together and connect across boundaries.
Q: What do you think are the most important elements in translation and interpretation?
A: I think the things that are most important in translation and interpretation are accuracy, confidentiality, impartiality and consistency. It is imperative that we give both sides a true depiction of what the other is saying, discretion is key as we work with sensitive information. It is also vital that we remain neutral in all discussions. We vet each of our translators to ensure that they have the tact and compassion to deal with difficult matters in the most professional manner.
Q: What is LSUK trying to achieve with its services?
A: For me personally, the service we offer is first and foremost about the customer. We treat our clients with the utmost kindness and compassion to ensure that we offer a service which is excellent value for money with high satisfaction. Our aim is not to maximise our profit but rather to use our skills to help people globally.
Q: What do you think is the greatest potential for LSUK?
A: I started the company simply to help people access important services within the UK. I firmly believe that nobody should be deprived of opportunity because they do not understand, such an attitude implies superiority and ignorance. Whilst our core value is a desire to help individuals, as the world grows, we have become acutely aware of the essential role we can play with business development. Not only are we helping people coming into the UK, but also, we are unlocking doors for UK businesses on an international scale. Language barriers are falling down and our highly talented team are proud to be assisting in this process.

Language Services UK began as a small translation and interpretation unit but it’s potential is continually expanding. Acting as the key to the rest of the world, the founder of LSUK is proud to see his organisation going from strength to strength and helping people across the nation. LSUK resolves to continually expand and increase its positive outreach.

Our Clients