Interpreting is a skill – Not every bilingual is an interpreter Language Skills 1. Interpreter has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of his/her source and target languages. 2. Has knowledge of subject areas and relevant terminology – the use of right word in the right context. 3. Must be able to deal with obscenities and render them accordingly in the target language. 4. Must be able to understand cultural stigmas without assuming the role of advocate or cultural broker. Interpreting Competence An interpreter competence is the ability to interpret a message from one language to the other in the applicable mode. It includes the ability to assess and comprehend the original message and render it in the target language without omissions, additions or distortions. It also includes the knowledge/awareness of the interpreter’s own role in the interpreting encounter. Interpreting skills The interpreter shall: • Have active listening skills and strive to improve them throug …

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