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Legal Sector

Global commerce is on the rise, the need for multilingual contracts, forms, tenders and other legal documents is rapidly growing. Legal translation is absolutely mission-critical. We build quality checks into every major point in the legal translation process to ensure that the translations we deliver to you are as accurate as you need them to be. Numerous companies require legal documents to be translated from one language to another. However, translating legal documents is a very complex task thus these needs to be accomplished by the right people as minor errors can lead to major issues.

Legal system is heavily regulated and that clear, concise communication with the client is paramount as well as delivering work quickly and professionally is priority number one. The legal sector is a vast sector that could require legal interpreters or legal document translation, but whatever you are looking for we can assure you that we have got the experience. 
LSUK core area of specialisation is Legal Sector. We have been providing translation and interpreting service to a large number of law firms across south west of England and South Wales for many years now. We are well aware of the importance of legal meeting and unprofessionalism can have severe impacts on our clients and the clients of our clients.  All our operational process is setup to carefully select a linguist and assigning the job to provide a consistent high quality service.

We have been providing appropriately qualified interpreting services to Her Majesty Court Services and country’s top police forces. Our interpreters are given trainings to fully understand all relevant sensitivities and legal concepts to ensure provision of a quality assured linguistic service across the legal sector.

Our Clients