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Quality Assurance

Language Services UK limited is quality focused. Our interpreting and document translation service is subject to systematic monitoring for quality assurance to ensure it remains relevant to the needs of our clients. Information governance and data protection according to industry laws are the significant feature of our  policy.
Our quality assurance procedures are in place to ensure that your work is accomplished unmistakably in the target language and delivered within its budgets and timescales.
Our Interpreters
Our Interpreters follow the Code of Conduct for Communication Professionalism, which covers the following:
The interpreter will give equal attention to the service user and service provider. The interpreter shall be impartial and unbiased. The interpreter is a neutral third party language conduit and has no role in the decisions taken by the service provider or client.

Anything said in the room is not to be repeated by the interpreter to any external party. Translators and interpreters will adhere to data protection regulations and store notes safely on a computer or on paper to ensure confidentiality. All private information and notes are deleted after receiving payment and satisfaction from service provider and client. Language Services UK limited senior management may ask the information to be disclosed if agreed between the client and senior manager or if it is felt necessary.
Professional competence:
The dialogue or text will be interpreted or translated word for word. Nothing will be added, deleted or amended. Everything that is said will be interpreted including conversations between service providers and conversations between service users. The interpreters and translators will ask for permission from the chair of the meeting to clarify any issue or misunderstanding where needed. The interpreter will not offer advice.
Our Translation Projects
To ensure our quality assurance we are sure to only use professional, highly skilled and appropriate translators.
Track and manage assignments through a custom designed CRM
Use modern software / technology where needed
Assign projects managers to translation projects to ensure that formatting and editing are as required

Our Clients