Interpreter Role

Language Services UK Limited (LSUK Limited) provide professional interpreting and certified document translation service to its clients in Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Exeter, Gloucester, Newport, Plymouth, Somerset, Swindon, Swansea,Taunton, Weston Super Mare and other neighbouring areas. we are equiped with highly skilled interpreters. Interpreters often work freelance and are their services are hired as and when they are needed.A good degree in any subject (particularly languages) and proficiency in two or more foreign languages are normally the minimum entrance requirements. An interpreter is an essential link between the communicating parties, as they help both sides express themselves to the full extent in their mother tongue. in order to be able to become a professional interrpeter, bilinguals need complete fluency in their working languages and to have the ability to instantly comprehend and convert one language to another.

Members of our team  work in the following settings:

  • Technical Interpreter : for business functions such as meetings, conferences, exhibitions and product launches
  • Legal Interpreter or Court Interpreter: for criminal or civil justice proceedings, known as public service interpreting (PSI), including police and probation service interviews, court hearings / trials, arbitration hearings and immigration tribunals and Solicitor interviews
  • Community Interpreter: for community-based events and assignments within the education, health and social services sectors
  • Medical Interpreter: for medical treatments or doctor's appointments and or for assignments within the health assesments settings

Please note that all of our interpreters are trained to maintain professional confidentiality and impartiality

Types of interpreter

Interpreting can be carried out in person through a face to face interpreter, or over the telephone interpreting through a telephone interpreter or via video conferencing.
There are several types of interpreting.

  • Simultaneous interpretation or Simultaneous Interpreting (SI): Simultaneous interpretation occurs while the speaker is still talking and it is usually used in large conferences for delegates who wish to tune into a particular language channel.  
  • Consecutive interpretation or Consecutive Interpreting (CI): Consecutive interpretation occurs after the speaker has paused, usually sentence by sentence, and is more suitable for business settings and smaller meetings.
  • Liaison interpretation or Liaison Interpreting : Also known as ad hoc and relay, this is a type of two-way interpreting, where the interpreter translates every few sentences while the speaker pauses.  Liaison Interpretation is usually used for public service, such as in a hospital or legal setting, and the interpreter will check the listener understands after each sentence

Sign language interpreting or British Sign Language Interpreting : A Sign Language Interpreter (or BSL Interpreter) convert spoken statements into sign language and vice versa. Interpreting from one sign language to another is also an option.

Interpreters Responsibilities
The following work activities are likely in any interpreting setting:

  • Working to a professional code of ethics covering confidentiality and impartiality
  • Interpreters refrain from personal involvement and do not provide counsel, give advice or offer personal opinions, even if asked to do so.
  • Accurate, clear, quick and succinct reproduction in the specified language without any addition and amendment
  • Convert concepts in the source language to equivalent concepts in the target language
  • Assimilating speakers' words quickly, including jargon and acronyms
  • Organising workload and liaising with internal departments, agencies and employers
  • Building up specialist vocabulary banks
  • Writing notes to aid memory and ensuring to confidentially destroy when not needed
  • Using microphones and headsets if required
  • Preparing paperwork - considering agendas before meetings, or lectures and speeches when received in advance
  • Using the internet to conduct research

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